I am an introvert!

It's why I love photography so much - I can capture moments and feel like I am a part of them without actually needing to talk to anyone or have anyone pay any attention to me. I absolutely love it, it fulfills a part of me I can't really explain. I especially like working with people one-on-one where we can build understanding and I can watch them just be themselves. I have always been the secret-keeper for my friends. I love learning everything about my friends - accepting all their wonderful traits and loving them more for the ones they try to hide. I love getting close and my camera lets me do that almost instantly. I get to capture intimate moments between couples and tender ones with families. I can see all the beautiful things about my subjects during portrait sessions when they show their vulnerable side. I love knowing that the photos I take will be cherished and looked at with joy. 

I Wanna Marry (.com)

IWannaMarry.com is so exciting because I get to work with the person that inspires me most: Tony.  We worked on weddings together on and off ever since we met, in April 2011 shooting at the NYC Auto Show. Photography definitely brought us close, we would always help each other work on various projects and spend ridiculous amounts of time manifesting images we only imagined before. For a long time we were happy just being best friends. Than it became more. After a while we realized that creating stories for other couples is so much more fulfilling and inspiring when we are together. IWannaMarry.com was created for just that purpose and we are so excited for another year of love & photography. 


P.S. And now we know how all of our couples feel! Tony proposed in November 2015 and we have a chance to plan our own wedding day. Good thing we've learned a thing or two in the last couple years!